Voicemail (Layetela) Service

What is Layetela?

Layetela is a Voice mail service that is provided by SPTC on a fixed telephone line.

What is Voice mail?

Voice mail is an automatic answering service, which allows a caller to leave a message at a voiced mailbox when the called persons' telephone is busy, out of order or unattended.

How does Layetela work?

After a few rings (without answer) the telephone automatically switches to the mail box, which responds with a short-recorded greeting from the mailbox holder. A "beep" signals the caller to leave a message for retrieval by the mailbox holder.

Note: The receiver of the message has to have a PIN code for confidentiality and personalized access.


  • Allows you to retrieve messages from any telephone automatically including payphones, locally or internationally.
  • Your personal, affordable answering service with no extra equipment needed.
  • No maintenance required as nothing can damage your mailbox.
  • Assured confidentiality as access to your mailbox is PIN protected by you.
  • Stores your messages even if your telephone is busy, or unplugged.
  • You can retrieve messages from any touch phone - locally or internationally.
  • You have a choice of two greeting options, which can be personalized or chosen from a standardized format.
  • Your telephone will notify you whenever you have new messages.
  • 50 messages can be stored in your mailbox for up to 14 days.
  • You can play back your message as times as you like, skip, delete or save.
  • Unread messages are stored until they are retrieved and listened to

Operating Instructions:

  • To set up your mailbox
    Lift the handset and dial 1100
    Choose your dialogue language
    Enter four digits of your choice for you PIN code and press #
    Confirm your PIN code according to the voice instructions and press #
  • To record you welcome announcement
    Lift handset and dial 1100.
    Press *.
    Enter your PIN code and press #.
    Press 3 then 1.
    Follow the voice instructions.
  • To create personal or family mailboxes
    Lift handset and dial 1100.
    Press *
    Enter Pin code and press #
    Press 3 and 4.
    Follow the voice instructions.
  • To retrieve message from your own telephone
    Lift handset and dial 1100
    Press *.
    Enter your PIN code and press #
    Follow the voice instructions.
  • To retrieve messages from other telephones
    Lift handset dial 1101
    Choose dialogue language.
    Dial own telephone number.
    Enter PIN code
    Follow voice instructions.
  • To delete or store a message after listening to the message
    Press #
    To delete press 1
    To store press 3

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