Umkhululi Easy Call

Umkhululi EasyCall is a prepaid calling card service that you can use to make a call in any SPTC telephone line, which can be a business or residential line (both postpaid and prepaid line).


  • EasyCall is available throughout the country.
  • With EasyCall, there are no monthly bills, since you pay in advance.

To make a call using Umkhululi Easy Call:

  • Dial 100 and follow the voice prompts.

Swaziland Post and Telecommunications Corporation ,
Phutfumani Building
Mahlokohla Street

(00268) 2405 2000
TOLL FREE: 800 2000
(00268) 2405 2020

the map of where Phutfumani Building is

Latitude: -26.326249
Longitude: 31.144910

PO Box 125
Mbabane, H100
Kingdom of Swaziland